Dr Piotr Kaczmarek, dental surgeon, specialist in implant dentistry 

  • diplomate of the University  René Descartes Paris V in implantology and implant prosthetics, 2003
  • Graduated with honors at the Medical University of Warsaw in 1999
  • during the studies, clinical internship in the department of prostethic dentistry of Guy’s Hospital, of the University of London. 
  • after studies, double scholarship in the Hospitals of Paris – clinical internship in the department of maxillofacial surgery in Beaujon hospital and in the department of implantology of Tenon hospital in Paris; clinical internship in the department of periodontology of the University Paris VII 
  • training internship in the department of prosthetic dentistry of the Medical University of Warsaw
  • he trained dentists in implant surgery in Poland and abroad. In 2003 he trained a group of French dentists in Paris in intraosseus anaesthesia. He also acted as speaker during an important implantology conference in Paris.
  • he regularly participates in many trainings worldwide: University of Bern, in Switzerland, University of Los Angeles (UCLA), University of New York, University of South Carolina, USA but also numerous international conferences: Paris, Nice, Phoenix in Arizona, Stockholm, San Antonio in Teksas, Athens, Dusseldorf, Genoa, Budapest, Dublin, Tokyo, Orlando in Florida, Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, etc.
  • author of several articles et translations for dentistry magazines, made also simultaneous translations during dental conferences from French.

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